The Ultimate Sex Bucket List


When we are in middle school we all know what sex is, and what we know are just basics. But as we grew older we want to try something new or a once in a life time kind of sex. It got me thinking all the things I have done to pleasure myself and I am not satisfied with my sexual experience yet. Mainly because my sexual experience are almost casual or what they call a ‘vanilla’ sex. Sure, I have done it inside a car, done in while showering and had sex on the kitchen floor, but those are pretty basics. I want to experience more, I want to explore more and explore my limits on what I can and what I cannot do. I still have these fantasies that I would love to turn into reality. So I made a bucket list just to make sure I don’t miss out any of my sexual fantasies. I’ve already check few of these list and I am about to fulfill the others.

  • Watch porn movie with your significant other
  • Be late at work because you have to have a quickie with your partner
  • Sex on the beach! Not just the cocktail, but the actual sex
  • Give him a deep head while he is driving / Play with her pussy while you are driving
  • Go skinny dipping together
  • Loud sex! Moan as much as you want, make it lauder, release the kraken
  • Have a Threesome with your partner and a total stranger (or a very good friend)
  • Sex on a boat or on a yacht, I don’t care as long as it is floating on the water
  • Counter – Top sex
  • It might sound scary but believe me, it will turn you on.
  • Being tied up and blind folded. Again I know it sounds scary and looks scary but it is actually exciting
  • Wild sex. Yes a very wild one, but the one that I’m talking about is having sex in the wilderness
  • Self Help. Ladies, go ahead flick the bean. Gentlemen remember that masturbation is a necessity.
  • Role playing with costumes. Play the teacher – student or the doctor – patient or whatever that comes in my mind as long as I’m going to play a character
  • Discrete sex. Having a quickie sex while you and your partner are attending a family gathering
  • Sex in the Air. Sex in the air is a must-try at least once in your life time
  • Use sex toys
  • Film your love making. Yes it is pretty dangerous because anybody can watch it, but you just have to be smart on how you hide your sex tape.
  • Sex with a foreigner. Having sex with someone from another continent is pretty alarming and exciting at the same time
  • Play strip poker
  • Have sex inside your partner’s office. Just make sure you are not going to get caught by the boss
  • Sex inside a Theatre
  • Use food for sex. Put sushi all over your body or whipped cream with strawberries and make your partner eat it
  • Be a sexual slave for a night. I’m sure everybody can survive from this. This is just one night of pleasure
  • Sex in an elevator. This would have to be the ultimate quickie, the risk of getting caught will make it more exciting


And there goes my bucket list. You can definitely add some on your list and be more creative than I am, but like I said this is a must-have list for everybody.