Celebrity Sisters In Lesbian Incest On Snapchat


Last days, reality TV starlet, Kilye Jenner, officially classified as one of the ten most followed persons on Instagram (alongside older sister Kendall and half-sister Kim) with the number of her followers hitting 30 million. As her thank-you note on Instagram (which has gathered 1.5 million likes in 6 days) testifies, the 17-years-old über-hottie has simultaneously realized that she is the single most viewed person on Snapchat.

Becoming the uncrowned queen of Snapchat is obviously the result of the young Kardashian girl’s amazing bodily appeal and her unyielding readiness to shock and provoke the community on a regular basis. Her most recent stunt on the social media involved appearing in an “Eat Me Out” t-shirt, an event which additionally elevated (together with the private parts of countless male followers) her already controversial – to say the least- image:

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Song is The Percocet & Stripper Joint by Future

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This implied call to uninhibited oral tenderness printed on a piece of fabric across the prominent chest of the teenage celebrity caused a considerable uproar among her over-four-million fanbase. Nevertheless, the Snapchatters can’t say they were exactly caught with their pants down (pun clearly intended). After all, already in April this year, Kylie Jenner remapped the outer borders of sisterly love by slithering her fingers underneath Kendall Jenner’s denim shorts in a gesture that every sane and mature person would immediately recognise as an act of incestuous lesbianism.


To make matters worse, the sisters who are already suspected to be practicing together extracurricular activities other than publishing anti-utopian novels or co-starring in E! hit series, openly re-sealed their way-too-deep affection for each other with a sensuous kiss on Snapchat:

Whether these incidents were completely accidental, intentionally designed to stir false rumours, or genuinely indicating that the two are dating remains unclear. Stay tuned and check back for updates because on August 10, 2015, Kylie Jenner will be PAID a substantial sum TO CELEBRATE her becoming of legal age at Canadian Montreal Beachclub (where US law can’t interfere with partying people’s booze-focused intentions). No doubt, this festive occasion meets all prerequisites to harvest a whole bunch of new enlightening homemade videos.