7 Snapchat Girls You Need to Add Now



Most of you guys probably use Snapchat these days. It’s become our favorite photo-sharing app lately. We often add girls on there and now we’ve collected a list of the hottest girls on Snapchat. These girls often snap sexy photos of themselves and also post exciting stories from their everyday lives. If you’re a Snapchat regular, you definitely need to add these girls today!

1) sedgyfergo

Number one on our list is sedgyfergo. This hot blonde often sends snaps of herself and they are some of the sexiest photos we have seen online. Her snaps will not disappoint you.



2) officialasha

Number two goes to officialasha. This dark-haired babe is beautiful and often posts revealing photos of herself. We enjoy her snaps daily and we recommend you check her out.




3) scarletbouvs

Scarlet Bouvs is a lingerie model from the UK. This girl is just stunning and she often takes snaps of herself in sexy lingerie. She is very active on most of the big social networks and is definitely worth checking out.



4) demirosemawby

Demi Rose is another model on our list. This gorgeous girl is just 19 years old and already has a huge following on Instagram. She also snaps sexy photos daily.



5) destinyeastwest

Destiny Quinn is a popular model and show dancer from the UK. This sexy blonde has the perfect dancer body and often posts hot photos of herself on Snapchat.



6) minniemcgee

Minnie Mcgee is a photographer from the UK. She has a big following on Instagram. This hot brunette is really good-looking and is very active on Snapchat as well as on other social networks.



7) ladyjaq1

Jacqui Ryland is a glamour model from the UK. She snaps often and posts interesting photos and stories.  She is also very active on Instagram and Twitter. She is definitely a very exciting girl to follow.