Why Smartwatches Aren’t Actually A Smart Idea


Smartwatch is a relatively new term that most of us may or may not be familiar with. Well for those of you who don’t know, a smart watch is basically a small electronic device that you wrap around your wrist which can sync with your smartphones. In other words, this “smart” watch on your wrist tells you what’s going on in your smartphone and thus saves you the trouble of reaching into your pocket and checking your phone.

Is it a good idea?

I don’t know about you, but that sounds like a pretty redundant idea. I am all in for the expansion of technology but creating a watch for the sole purpose of tracking the activities of a smartphone seems to be a terribly uncreative plan that has been blown out of proportion. Some people have even labelled it as the next big thing and have predicted that it will soon replace mechanical watches. Well, the idea of wearable technology may be fascinating, but a smartwatch seems as useless as a portable typewriter attached to your hips.


Back in the day

I wish people could see smartwatches for the bad idea that it is instead of being over excited about yet another intrusion of technology into our lives. Remember how back in the day people would walked around in the streets, drove their cars and went about their business without feeling the irresistible urge to take pictures and share them constantly on social media. Back then, people would call each other up when they needed to talk instead of vehemently texting away on their cellphones. While some may say that new ideas such as the social media have given people the opportunity to express themselves like they have never done before, I believe that a lot of our youth have become “faceless” and quite frankly “lost” in the hustle and bustle of an internet life.

Smartphones, the predecessor


Infographic Source: TechZimo

Before we can predict the damage smartwatches may cause, let’s take a look at how smartphones have changed our lives. Take for example pedestrians with smartphones, who seem to be auto hypnotized into utter obliviousness, not only to their surrounding or to their fellows, but often to mortal danger from motorists who are as absorbed into their phones as much as the pedestrians are. Furthermore, smartphones seem to have snatched the playfulness and joviality from children, who would much rather prefer to keep themselves locked indoors playing temple run or candy crush, instead of rushing outside and letting their creativity and imaginations run wild.

Hidden Greed

lg-smartwatch (1)

Technology based companies are coming up with products that have overstepped the boundaries of utility and service to their owners and have become parasites that serve everyone’s interest except of those who carry them. These companies are now determined to spoon feed yet another superfluous, pompous, expensive, useless, troublesome and innately obsolete object to the consumer society. What’s funny is that we will continue to buy their products despite our knowledge of their ulterior motives. This seems to be the unchangeable plight of the modern man whose sole purpose in life seems to be keeping up with modern trends.

All hope’s not lost


However, not everyone has jumped into the SmartWatch bandwagon already. Some people can actually see through the pretentious and phony labels and realize the fact that a SmartWatch, given the dimensions of a human wrist, can never offer sufficient visual-tactile interest to do any more than be the right hand man of the smartphone to which it is synced to. Not only are people finding it increasingly unnecessary, but some have even described it as ugly enough to give Big Foot a run for its money.

High-end fine watches may be deemed unnecessary as well, but they at least serve the purpose of elevating your social stature and giving you a refined look that you can be proud of. The smartwatches, on the other hand, seems to have no rationale whatsoever other than satisfying the ill disguised greed of its makers.  Let me just put it to you in this way, the unnecessary and beautiful is bad, but the unnecessary and ugly is a whole lot worse.

In conclusion, I would strong advise against the purchase of any smartphones. Not only will they be a waste of your money but they’ll also be an insult to your intelligence. Remember one thing, it doesn’t matter how expensive your smartwatches are, real men always wear analog.