8 Foods for a Mind Blowing Bedroom Experience


It’s no big secret that food and sex are a match made in heaven. For instance, red rosy strawberries and hot molten chocolate often arouse our innermost sensual fantasies. No wonder, condoms are usually flavoured with chocolate and strawberries. Erotic foods such as these boost your libido, make the foreplay a lot more enticing and enhance your overall bedroom experience. I think we can all agree that food tastes a whole lot better when you’re having it off of your significant other’s body.

If you’re tired of the same old boring bedroom routine and are in desperate need of new ideas to freshen up midnight lust, then here are 8 erotic foods that are bound to take your sex life by storm.

1) If you’ve ever heard of 50 cent’s “Candyshop” song then you know exactly what I’m talking about. There’s nothing like a sweet, delicious and delectable piece of candy to get your foreplay kick started with an electrifying makeout session. For best results, try using pop rocks or candies that have a little bit of tang to it.


2) Cake icing. This is the dessert that gives you the sugar rush to get you going. You’ve probably heard of people using whipped cream before but I would strongly recommend vanilla cake icing for a much more tantalizing foreplay experience. Sprinkle a generous amount of icing on “you know where” and go down on your knees to eat up the icing and…..each other.

3) Here’s another deviation from the norm. Instead of using the typical ice cubes that are seen in almost every heated erotic scene in the movies, try freezing your favourite soda and shape them up into little cubes. You can then slip and slide the cubes down the back or over the curves and the bumps at the front. The sweetness of the soda combined with the tingling sensation as the ice melts is sure to keep you craving for more.

4) Basil. Doesn’t sound like a very exciting item to play around with but trust me, Italian food isn’t the only place where this herb belongs. It’s an aromatic leaf that refreshes your senses and puts your mind at ease. You can both take turns to give this little green gift of nature a taste or you could simply use this as a feather for that extra subtle and extra sensitive brushing on the back of the neck.


5) Cucumber. I know that a whole cucumber gives rise to a ton of dirty thoughts in your mind because of its uncanny resemblance to you know what. However, I’m going to let you in on a different use for this bad boy. Slice it up into pieces and refrigerate. Cold cucumber slice is the best way to cool down your steaming and sweaty bodies. Not to mention, it’s great for the skin and is super refreshing.

6) Watermelon’s usefulness in bedroom games is pretty much self-explanatory isn’t it? It’s wet, it’s sticky and above all it’s desirably messy. If you want to get the best out of this mouth watering fruit you need to grab hold of the ones that are seedless. You don’t want those meddling seeds getting in your way every time you’re about to hit the spot.

7) Sushi. Sounds weird? Not to the Japanese. I know the Japanese can be a little eccentric but some of that eccentricity can actually be quite helpful, especially when it comes to sensual arousals. Meat on meat is one of the kinkiest ways to spark off a hot and sweaty session of lovemaking. Mind you, sushi can scatter all over the place at times but then again, that’s not a very bad thing over here is it?  Try not using the wasabi by the way.


8) Mango. I had to save the best one for last. This juicy, scrumptious and irresistible fruit oozes with sexual passion. It’s the perfect ingredient for an erotic session that’s going to blow your mind out of this world. They taste great and they smell even better. Slice them up into little thin pieces and let your imagination run wild.

Sex isn’t all about aggression, rushed orgasms and stress relief. It can be a whole lot more enthralling and entertaining if you know how to spice up your foreplay. You can always use these 8 foods to drive each other crazy with sexual appetite.