Enhance Your Brain – Thync Headgear


Want to think sharper or faster? How about having a stressful day? Wouldn’t it be great if you could just turn some of those stress levels down and relax at the click of a button? What about lightning fast focus or reflexes? It’s all just around the corner and it isn’t in the form of a pill.

“Access to the human mind opens new possibilities for a more productive life. Thync creates wearable consumer products that use neurosignaling to shift your state of mind. Our technology induces on-demand shifts in energy, calm, or focus.”  -THYNK

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thync foundersThe Company

Founders Ph.D Jamie Tyler and Isy Goldwater think that their frontier bending consumer technology will impact billions. Dr. Jamie Tyler is an expert in brain imaging technology and neuroplasticity and Isy Goldwater is a serial inventor and entrepreneur. In a recent funding, the company has raised $13 million for their next phase.


ThyncThe Product

The prototype uses two electrodes and sends pulses of low-level electricity to specific targeted areas of the brain. In a recent test, Bloomberg Businessweek’s Brad Stone underwent the “calm vibe” setting and controlled it on his Iphone. Stone reported that halfway through the 12-second treatment the “familiar knot of stress” in his stomach “evaporated.”

“This is an avenue for people to call up their best stuff on demand,” says Isy Goldwasser, Thync’s chief executive officer and co-founder. “It’s a way for us to overcome our basic limitation as people. It lets us call up our focus, our calm, and creativity when we need it.”


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The Technology

The technique behind the technology is known as transcranial direct-current stimulation, or tDCS, and it is basically a very low voltage electric shock. But fear not, it doesn’t hurt and the only side effect, when done correctly, seems to be a metallic taste in the tongue.

Thync has developed the technology for an alternative to mood altering drugs, however other sources have reported anything from super rapid language acquisition to drastically increasing accuracy during military combat tests. Imagine improving your fighting ability just by wearing this. In California, another company testing tDCS devices is now implementing the technology in combat gear. In the future, we may have electrically enhanced super-soldiers that really can perform beyond the abilities of normal human beings. Badass, unless you are on the opposing side.

Thync, however, is focused more on creating a wearable user device for consumers who want focus, calm, and energy at whim of an App. And fear not, Thync has tested its product thousands of times on subjects in New York and Boston, honing its algorithm and applications. The product should be available next year.