Top 4 proven quick steps plan to Lose Weight Fast in a week


Who does not want a dazzling career? To ensure such kind of career, believe me or not, there is no alternative to attractive physical fitness. Weight loss not only helps you attain attractive physical fitness but also helps you build up such kind of dazzling career where you can earn handsome salary with job satisfaction. Statistics shows that Companies-whether small or big- look now for compassionate, enthusiastic and fit people to be hired for their vacant post. This scenario is same both in developed and in developing countries. Now the question is- How can you keep pace with this scenario? Though the question looks critical, yet its answer is so easy. Just follow my below-mentioned four-step weight loss plan and get quick result in a week:

Step-1: Avoid liquid refreshments – Drink mainly water

Liquid refreshments like light beer, fruit smoothie and energy drink – each item contains high calories rated about 100. These kinds of liquid refreshments, at the same time, are wastes as they fail to satisfy you the way other food does that having 100 calories. Other beverages such as liquor, beer and wine are rich in alcohol, sodium and carbohydrates. They puff you out by tricking your body into retaining water.


On the other hand, water  is a perfect slim-down drink  because it does not have calories and carbs like alcoholic beverages, liquid refreshments and soft drinks like  soda, fizzy drink, coke, soda pop, seltzer and lolly water. So, avoid drinking these types of liquid refreshments and make water as your perfect slim-down drink.

Step-2: Switch your Common To- Go order habit

Switch your common To-Go order habit out at restaurants and try to take 95 percent of meals at home. Five-star and other roadside restaurants today serve more high-fat and high-calorie foods and your habit of taking food out at those restaurants may add inches of fat to your waistline.



Eating prepared fresh and healthy options at home in lieu of always having meal at outside restaurants will help you to lose your extra-weight and ensure your healthier lifestyle overall.

Step-3: Cut out junk food from your menu

Packaged foods such as burgers, spaghetti, sandwich rolls, french fries, frankies, wraps etc that are of high in fat, sugar, salt, and calories but are of low nutritional value are called junk foods. From restaurants to college canteen, they are served everywhere over the past few decades. Eating these types of foods daily or every other day may feel you satisfied but they may be the main reason of your exhaustion and gluttony.


Make your daily menu with nutritional foods having proteins and carbohydrates and Cut    out all types of junk foods from your daily menu will quickly help you slim down.

Step-4: Do cardiovascular exercise at least half an hour daily

Gym-trainers swear that Taking cardiovascular exercises-such as spinning, cardio kickboxing, and boot-camp workouts- at least 30 minutes a day will make your heart rate up and burn your extra fat and calories from your body. They also say that a 30-minute cardio exercise burns about 200 to 300 calories and invigorates your arms, legs, and core so everything seems sleeker and tighter.


So, there is no alternative to take cardiovascular exercise at least half an hour in a regular basis if your main aim is permanent fat loss to make a significant look in the quickest possible time or even in a week.