How to Test for Bad Breath


Having bad breath is one of the biggest problems you can ever face. A person with a bad breath can be frowned upon, isolated and even bullied. People are often reluctant to be anywhere near a person with bad breath let alone speak with them. A person with bad breath can disgust the people around him or her and give off the impression that he or she has a very poor sense of hygiene. Not to mention, bad breath can be a stumbling block to socializing.

Finding out whether you have bad breath or not can be pretty tricky. Nonetheless, it’s something that you need to do yourself before others find out about it and turn you into a laughing stock. Here are really useful 10 ways to know that you have bad breath.


Take your hand and ball it up into a loose fist so that there’s enough space between your fingers and palm to allow the passage of air. Place your fist near your mouth and exhale into it repeatedly. Continue till your hands are moistened. Bring your fist up to your nose and give it a quick sniff. If the smell makes your cringe then I’m afraid you have bad breath.


2) You can use a home testing kit which are available in chemists and usually come in pocket sizes. If the kit comes out clear after you have spread your saliva on it then you have no reason to worry. However, if the kit is tainted blue then you need a mint chewing gum.


3) Use the Halimeter at your dentist’s office. It’s an instrument that accurately measures the concentration of sulphide molecules which is responsible for the stench in your breath and saliva. This is the best way to find out whether you have bad breath or not.


4) You don’t always need fancy tools to test your breath. Sometimes, a simple dental floss is all you need. Place the floss in between the teeth and then take a sniff. If it smells bad then you need to start brushing your teeth.




5) Okay this next diagnosis is a little unorthodox and quite frankly gross. What you do is lick the back of your wrist and stain it with your saliva. Let the saliva dry for a minute. You then smell your wrist and figure out whether you have bad breath.


6) Here’s a little less icky of a method to test your breath. Stick out your tongue in front of the mirror and look for a thin white layer on the surface of the tongue. If you can see it, then you may have bad breath due to the accumulation of bacteria on your tongue.


7) Another to pointer to bad breath is a bad taste in your mouth. You may notice a pungent smell after having a spicy meal or a sugary drink.
8) The cotton test is similar to the one done with floss. Take a piece of cotton gauze and rub it on the back of the tongue. If it gives off a repugnant smell or displays a yellow colored stain then you are suffering from bad breath.



9) You can also test bad breath with a simple spoon. All you need to do is take a teaspoon and gently rub the back of the teaspoon along your tongue all the way to the back. If there is a whitish coating on the spoon then bad breath’s imminent.


10) If you’re too lazy to use any one of the above methods then you could simply ask a friend a friend to let you know whether your breath stinks or not. Friends can be brutally honest in such cases. Make sure to pick a friend who isn’t going to spill the beans to others.


If you are suffering from bad breath then don’t let the problem linger. Clean up your mouth and stay fresh. You don’t want to turn into a social outcast just because your breath stinks. You may even miss out on your first ever kiss because of bad breath!