7 Fashion Tips That Men Really Need


Most men don’t feel the need to pay much attention to fashion. They believe that changing the way they look won’t really change the person they are. To be honest, transforming your appearance has very little to do with altering your personality. It has more to do with changing the way you present yourself to people and the way you want them to perceive you.

If you want to be well dressed but have no clue on how to get started then here are 7 essential fashion tips to get you off the mark

1: Create your own style


If you want to make a strong fashion statement then you should add your own creative touch to your appearance. Fashion can be a little strange at times as certain styles suit certain individuals while looking hideous on others. It’s always better to be a trend setter than a trend follower. Just make sure that you don’t go overboard with your creativity.

2: Appropriate Attire


Wearing a t-shirt and jeans to a casual party is cool but it would be laughable if you wore them to a wedding. It’s easy for you to get attached to a certain type of clothing and overuse it. Having your own personal style is important but not the extent where you end up dressing inappropriately. Make sure to always dress according to the occasion.

3: Wise match making


Matching is a distinct trait of a fashionable man. It’s important to be able to match certain parts of your attire with the other. For instance, if you’re wearing a brown belt, it’s preferable that you have a pair of brown shoes to go along with them. Sophisticated men know when to match and when not to. Be careful to not match every part of your outfit, unless you want to look like a pimp.

4: Add in the extras


Accessorizing can be a double edged sword. It’ wise to throw away the wristbands, bracelets, and rapper caps as they are no longer in fashion and give off a pretentious look. Then again, items such as cuff links, fedora hats, ties, a chic ring, an elegant watch and a stylish pair of glasses go a long way in giving you a refined look.

5: Footwear matters


It’s funny how women always have a ton of shoes stuffed in their closet while most men only seem to have two or three pairs at best. Shoes aren’t the most noticeable element of your outfit but they definitely do make a significant difference.

Avoid square toed shoes and go for the rounded ones to make yourself look a little taller. Also, wear white socks as seldom as you can, you don’t want to look like a nerdy little elementary school boy. Beige and brown socks are a must have item in your closet and if you think of you can pull of a bold look then try out a pair of red socks as well.

6: Cleanliness is key


The price of your clothes doesn’t really matter.  As long as they’re clean and well ironed you don’t have to pull out your credit cards and go shopping for expensive clothes at designer label stores. A pair of polished black shoes, basic blue jeans, white, buttoned down dress shirt rolled up slightly at the sleeves and a casual wristwatch is enough to give you a decent enough look. Remember, less is more.

7: Take Care of your Hair

Gone are the days of shabby long hair and shiny Mohawks. It’s time to clean your hair and get it trimmed. Keep your hair neat, tidy and well combed. If you’re losing hair, then don’t hide it under a cap; shave it off and sport a confident bald look.

Dressing up well isn’t just all about looking good and impressing people. A dandy appearance can give you a huge morale boost and make it easier for you to confidently communicate with people.