7 Things Girls Didn’t Know About Guys


They say that a woman is the hardest creature to understand. Truth be told, men are far more misunderstood than women. The preconceived ideas that exist about men are hardly ever based on facts and are often nothing more than a bunch of baloney. Why is it so difficult for women to realize that the lives of all men don’t revolve around lingerie models, fast cars and video games?

Other than a few physiological and psychological variations, men aren’t really that different from women. Alas! If only the women knew. Here’s a list of a 7 ridiculous misconceptions that women have about men.

1) We are hard hearted


Just because men act tough and occasionally display unnecessary aggressive behaviour does not mean that we are desensitized human beings. We too have feelings and often have our emotions stirred by the simplest of occurrences. Contrary to common belief, rueful or emotional men can isolate themselves in a room and cry to their heart’s content. Where else do you think the word “manly tears” came from?

2) We all love violence


It’s true that guys are obsessed with Call of Duty and GTA, but there’s a clear line between brutality in video games and violence in real life. When fights break out between guys, they’re mostly as harmless as the catfights that girls have. In all fairness, most men are repelled by gore, blood and savagery. As a matter of fact, most men would be scared to even touch a weapon let alone use it.

3) We have a superiority complex


Almost every time I offer a girl help with something, she rudely refuses it and lets me know that she doesn’t need my help. Seriously? We all know that girls don’t need the help but we still lend a hand as a gesture of kindness and support. Offering help has nothing to do with expressing our superiority (not that I’m saying we are superior).

4) We are unhygienic


This one really grinds my gears because not all guys have their bedrooms filled with dirty stinking laundry and rotten leftover food. Some girls even have a preposterous assumption that most guys don’t bathe for days! I personally don’t know of any guy who doesn’t shower daily or use a deodorant.
5) We don’t admit our mistakes


I’ll just debunk this myth with one simple example. If you scroll through the text history between a guy and a girl, you are sure to discover that the number of times the word “sorry” was used by the guy is at least 10 times greater than the number of times it was used by the girl. Tada!

Oh and even when we do acknowledge our mistakes and apologize, the girls let us know that it’s not enough because we don’t mean it. What else do you expect us to do? Inscribe the letters S.O.R.R.Y in our hands with a knife?

6) We only think about sex


I will admit that guys get super excited at the prospect of having sex, but this excitement is short lived and lasts only during the heat of the moment. We don’t fantasize about lady parts throughout the day. In fact, research says that women think about sex nearly as much as guys do. Guess we’re not the only ones with a dirty mind.

7) We hate feminism


The concept of feminism isn’t exclusive to women. Men too can be feminists. Girls often think that feminist ideologies go against the agendas of men. Well, they couldn’t be any further from the truth. We love our women and we’d do anything to make their lives better.

It’s true that men aren’t always easy to deal with. Sometimes we let our passion get the better of our emotions. We can be intolerant, possessive, jealous, angry and stubborn. However, women go through these feelings too and hence we expect them to understand our plight. So a little less of the blaming and a little more of the sharing can really help men and women to get along and build a healthier relationship.