5 Apps That Make You Productive


Downloading apps on our smart devices has almost become synonymous with wasting time. This is probably because most people don’t know how to make use of apps other than playing games, texting or uploading pictures. Apps are designed for a variety of functional purposes and some of them can actually help us to waste less time and be a lot more productive.

If you’re losing efficiency and having a really hard time to organize or concentrate on your work then here are 5 apps to make your life a little easier and get your right back on track.

1: Evernote


How often have you scribbled down inspirational ideas in random places and later had a horrendous time in bringing them all together? Well, with Evernote you can now have a workplace for your daily projects where you can keep everything together.

The best thing about Evernote is that it allows you to sync your online account across all devices through the Evernote app so that you don’t have to be afraid of losing your all important files. Oh and not to mention, you can sign up right away for free.

2: Wunderlist


Wunderlist is one of the most popular apps in the world today. To start off, it has all the necessary features such as reminders, notes and shared lists which you would expect in a productivity app. Unlike other powerful apps such as Omnifocus, Wunderlist isn’t at all difficult to use and has a highly practical but simple function.

Furthermore, it has a very good looking UI that helps you to get started with a learning curve. As you make progress and your productivity demands grow, the app reveals the more powerful features according to your need.  Best thing about it is that it’s absolutely free.

3: Ommwriter


Writers who work in a busy open-office setting are exposed to incessant distractions. Staying focused can be a tricky job and in order keep your concentration levels high, I suggest you use Ommwriter along with noise cancelling headphones. The combination is great for alleviating distractions and staying productive at work.

If you’re wondering what Ommwriter is then it’s basically a simple text processor for MAC, PC and IPAD which provides a harmonious distraction free writing environment. There are backgrounds to hold your attention and set your mood. It has audio tracks to focus your mind on words as well as key stroke sounds to support your every move on the keyboard. You can avail this handy productivity app for a minimum price of $4.11

4: [email protected]


[email protected] is a multi platform productivity app designed for those who have difficulties in concentrating on study or work.  It works on both iOS devices and desktops.

The cool thing about this application is that it creates music playlists for you that improves your concentration and helps you to carry out daily tasks in a more efficient way. The [email protected] functions according to the basic principles of human psychology and neuroscience.

[email protected] cancels distractions by playing music that has no lyrics. Users can select from 7 different styles of music which include classical, focus spa, up tempo, alpha chill, acoustic, cinematic and ambient. You can download this amazing application from the App store for free today.

5: RescueTime


With RescueTime, you can keep a track of your daily habits and learn how to be more productive. What it does is that it keeps a record of the time that you spend on applications and websites and thus gives you a clear picture of your daily activities. Notable features in the app include:

a) Alerts to let you know when you have spent a specific amount of time on an activity
b) Allows you to log highlights about what you accomplished during the day
c) Gives you the option to allow RescueTime to block websites that distract you
d) Records the duration of your meetings.

You can start using this app right now for a sky low price of zero dollars and zero cents.

Technology is amazing isn’t it? It gives you distracting elements that take your mind off work and turn you into an inefficient slouch. On the other hand, it gives you remarkable inventions like these 5 abovementioned apps that transform you into a workhorse. So the next time you’re surfing through the App store or Play Store, make sure to pick your apps wisely.