The 10 Commandments for Men’s Fashion


Do you not find it absurd that a lot of men, who do not even bother to groom themselves, complain about a lack of attention from women? Let’s be honest guys, we aren’t born with the innate beauty of a Disney Princess. Others aren’t going to pay us any attention unless we pay attention to our looks. Therefore, you need to follow certain fashion trends to make yourself look good and appealing to the ladies. If you want to look spectacular and stand out from the crowd, then here are 10 fashion rules for you to live by.

1: Size matters

The most important thing that you need to keep in mind when buying clothes is to pick the right size. Wearing clothes that are a perfect fit can make a world of difference to your appearance. Overgrown shirts can make you look like a geek while the tight ones that stick to your body gives you the look of a pretentious wannabe bodybuilder. If you’re wearing a suit, get it tailored to fit you perfectly.


2: Iron your shirts

Wrinkled shirts should never make it out of your home. Wearing one gives off the impression that you are untidy and lazy. Five minutes of ironing can prevent fifty minutes of humiliation. If you are too lousy to iron your own clothes, then have your laundry services do it for you.  This small investment of your time and money can have huge returns.


3: Shirts out

Tucking your shirt in may have been cool in the 80s and the early 90s but it is in no way acceptable in the year 2014. I have literally seen boys and men become social outcasts simply because they kept their t-shirts tucked in. Tucking in the t-shirt doesn’t make you look formal. Instead, it tells everyone that you’re horribly outdated.


4: Collar down, buttoned up

Okay this is a trend that you may not be familiar with. I know that raising your collar and unbuttoning your shirt was deemed cool a few years ago but it no longer is. Keep your collar down and button your shirt all the way to the neck. Trust me, buttoning up isn’t nerdy; in fact, it’s the new symbol of sophistication.


5: Uncap

Okay, first of all, don’t ever wear a sports cap unless you are actually playing the sport in the field. Secondly, get rid of all those rapper and reggae styled caps that you bought way back in 2005. You can’t become Lil Wayne or Damien Marley just by putting on a cap.


6: Befriend your Barber

Now that you have taken off your cap, let’s take a look at your hair. If it’s shabby and grizzly then I need you to walk into a barber shop and let the hairstylist clean it up and cut it down. Long hair is a big NO in 2014. Keep your hair short, trimmed and neat. If you’re losing hair, then shave it off and sport a confident bald look.


7: Cover up your face

No, I’m not asking you to wear a mask. Being clean shaved works, but having facial hair gives your look an edge. Add to that a pair of trendy glasses and you’ll give yourself a makeover in no time.


8: No accessories

Take all your wristbands and bracelets and flush them down the toilet. A watch is the only accessory that you’ll ever need. Always have a set of three watches; casual, retro and an elegant piece to go with your formal wear


9: Don’t wear your pants too low

If you think that wearing pants well below your waist gives you the “hipster” look then you couldn’t be more wrong. If you need your pants to be pulled down then let the ladies do it for you.


10: The Sun’s outside

Do you have any idea how idiotic it is to wear sunglasses indoors? Take them off the moment you walk into a building, unless you’re Pitbull and have crazy fans waiting for you inside.


There is nothing more pleasing to the eyes of women than a sharply dressed urbane man.  Keep yourself updated with the world of fashion and you’ll soon get their heads turning. Besides, it’s always satisfying to have a good looking man staring back at you when you look into the mirror.